The heart shaped leaf of the Aspen tree symbolically characterizes the heart found in Aspen Haught’s music.  The Huntsville, AL based indie-pop-singer  A•S•P•E•N, has a gift for writing infectious hooks and relatable lyrics.  At the young age of 16, A•S•P•E•N gained international attention when she uploaded to SoundCloud an acoustic version of her song “Drop”.  To date “Drop” has organically amassed almost 150,000 streams.  On the video platform A•S•P•E•N is a fresh face to the YouTube scene, but it didn’t take long for one of her first videos to go viral, now with over 9 million views and 20,000 subscribers to her channel, A•S•P•E•N is capturing the hearts of her fans worldwide.


Last fall, A•S•P•E•N gained industry attention as well, appearing as a finalist in Best.Cover.Ever, a new music competition show that aired November 20, 2017 from executive producer Ryan Seacrest, hosted by Ludacris.  Her appearance on the show with Jason Derulo attracted over 7 million views worldwide. This lead to the launch of her first single “Can You Hear Me Now” which garnered an exclusive music video premier on the industry giant AXS.


Heading into 2018 Aspen began to receive many requests from producers to collaborate and has begun to release a series of singles. First, in line was the single "This Is The Life" with the internationally known super duo Basada, released on Play Two, an imprint label of Warner Records France. The song is currently trending on French and Belgian radio stations. Next up this fall is the much anticipated full production release of her song "Drop" with international DJ Ortzy on Netherlands based PM Label Group. The single is set to release on September 24, 2018. Along with  writing new songs, top-lining for DJ’s across the globe, and working on her EP, it won’t be long before A•S•P•E•N’s heart is beating on everyone's playlists.